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Whether driving, reading or golfing, these versatile glasses make seeing a whole new experience.

  • GUARANTEE SAFE DRIVING - at NIGHT, FOGGY, SNOWY and RAINY DAYS – These Glasses will balance polarization and vision, cutting the glare from headlight while increasing brightness, helping you see the road ahead and Reducing the Risk while you are driving.
  • DURABLE and LIGHWEIGHT - Made of High Quality metal with reinforced metal hinges that are durable enough for long time using. The Shatterproof Polarized Scratch Resistance Lenses will remain scratch less for long time.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR - These Night Vision Glasses will not cause any discomfort to your pupil, retina, or eye in general. They can fit over your prescription contact lens, and the semi-rimless frame gives you an unobstructed downward view.
  • MODERN and COOL DESIGN - Stylish and Rimless these Polarized Glasses are perfect choice for outdoor activities such as sport, walking, running, cycling, hiking, driving, traveling and suitable as high Fashion Accessory and daily wear all year round. Great for Men and Woman.
  • DON`T MISS OUR SPECIAL OFFER! BUY NOW - To help you see better in the dark, allow you to drive with confidence and protect your eyes day and night.


  • POLARIZED: Blocks harmful UV rays and glare, improving visibility against reflective surfaces like asphalt-covered road, snow, sand, etc.
  • Cutting-edge, Light-Filtering Technology Improves visual clarity even under low light conditions and sharpens colors or edges of objects.
  • Get the aesthetic design, construction, and functionality of costly eyewear for a fraction of the cost.
  • Extra-durable, black matte frame and rust-proof screws; lenses are corrosion-proof against alkaline conditions such as exposure to oceanic sprays.
  • 1-Size-Fits-All: Sits firm and tight when worn.

Anti-Glare Sport Sunglasses is great for everyday and specialized use.

  • Riding the Motorcycle
  • Walking the Dog
  • Summer Sports
  • Winter Sports
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Driving
  • Target Practice
  • Outdoor Photography
  • And so much more!

Great For All These Sports & More!

    Tac Glasses

    Improve Visual Clarity- Even In Low Light!

    Anti-GlareGLASSES are recommended by hundreds of drivers from all over the world. ( checkout out some reviews below)

    "I was skeptical that they would have an effect on me. I have read about them, but until you see, you don’t believe. I bought this pair, and I am very pleased. I don’t worry anymore about the lights from other cars, and I see more clearly at night! SUPER! I recommend them with pleasure"

    - Anthony P.-

    "My wife was very scared to drive at night, so I order these glasses from your website. It works great. Now, we can safely go out to a restaurant with our friends, because I know, if I drink anything, she can drive us back home. I recommend! Make all the money"

    - William N.-

    "I am a truck driver and driving during the night was very stressful. I’m very glad I found these glasses. Now, I can see two headlights, not just a dazzling light on the road. Thank God, I can do my own business and come back home safely every time"

    - Dave D.-



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